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Level list of all Skullgirls characters (1)

We've put together a tier list for Skullgirls, where we've ranked every character available in the game right now.


Updated March 14, 2023- checked for new characters

interested in oneskull girlstier list? Skullgirls is an incredibly fun fighting game with beautiful 2D animations available for mobile devices. And like any good game of its kind, Skullgirls has a huge variety of fighters.
Autumn Games tried to make the game very intense, both in terms of plot and gameplay. Although there are over a hundred different characters in the game, they are all different. Of course, not all of them have the same strength. Some characters win more often than others. Therefore, this guide offers a tier list with the ranking of all Skullgirls characters.


Level list of all Skullgirls characters (2)

It is worth clarifying right away that in this list of levels, we are talking about Skullgirls for mobile and not the original game. This mobile fighting game takes place before the events of Skullgirls, which is available on consoles and PC. The game has several modes, including a story mode.

In this mode, you have to fight many different opponents to learn the details of the plot through visual novel style dialogue snippets. After the tutorial, you will be able to join the Black Egrets and fight against a mysterious criminal organization that threatens New Meridian. Also, in story mode, you can learn the background of many characters.

So, like we said, Skullgirls has a lot of different fighters – you can also summon multiple versions of the same characters from different realities. Of course, they differ in their abilities and effectiveness during battles, so we've created a tier list to help you find the best Skullgirls characters. Also, be sure to check out ourKoF All Star tier list of all fightersjust like oursEternal Evolution Level List.

Original article by Alina Novichenko, updated by Artur Novichenko

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Level S

Level list of all Skullgirls characters (3)

As always, in S Tier you will find the best characters in the game, allowing you to win any battle without any problem. However, getting them is not so easy, as it will take a long time to level up and evolve.

  • Frizz Djinn
  • common animal
  • claw and order
  • class cutter
  • dream demon
  • fly trap
  • Spoiler
  • beast king
  • bad hair day
  • death wish
  • prepared
  • handmade love
  • Harlequin
  • head hunter
  • i miss friday
  • firemark
  • eager deceiver
  • wet work
  • Elegant
  • General surgeon
  • summer salt
  • Shine of the stars
  • shadow puppet

Frizz Djinn

Djinn Frizz is a variant of Filia's Diamond Fire type. She is one of the best offensive fighters as she can deal massive damage and get random buffs. And in this way, he can further increase his attack.

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Buzzkill is an Air-type Gold variant of Painwheel. She is also an attacking fighter, with a great damage stat that can destroy almost any defense by throwing a Heavy Bleed. Buzzkill increases its damage when the enemy's health drops below a certain threshold.

very chic

Tres Chic is a Dark Diamond-type variant of Valentine. She is excellent for both offense and defense, as her abilities can both strengthen her and weaken enemies. When Tres Chic is in his half of the field, he gains Armor, Spikes, or Barrier. And when he moves towards the opponent's half, along with critical hits, he can apply Armor Break, Mark of Death or Bleed.


one level

Level list of all Skullgirls characters (4)

Next is a level. It also contains very strong characters, and although they are inferior in effectiveness to S-tier, you can still easily defeat opponents.

  • frozen frame
  • frayed ends
  • crusher number
  • flycatchers
  • epic sax
  • double
  • criminal mind
  • fur trader
  • intervention of divas
  • bio-exorcist
  • abate
  • Mala Sra. Gelado
  • Estrella-Spangled
  • Jawbreaker
  • blitz e glamour
  • kill joy
  • break jaws
  • hard hand
  • Hack and Splash
  • poltergust
  • unholy host
  • ghost wires
  • parasitic tissue
  • overclock
  • neuromante
  • Dear Mom
  • always
  • imperturbable
  • rain champion
  • rainbow plague
  • purrfect dark
  • purrminator
  • space case
  • cobra bite
  • Silent death
  • Protected
  • shadow ops
  • rebel agent
  • risky ginger
  • xenomorfo
  • steam wave vixen
  • Prodigy child
  • martial bandit
  • Wulfsbane
  • corrosive agent
  • warrior frog
  • squeal of emotion
  • cross star
  • psychiatric commander
  • star sequins
  • stand out

epic sax

Epic Sax is a Golden Light-type variant of a Big Band. This offensive brawler increases damage based on the number of combos. Also, Epic Sax can get random buffs.

Dear Mom

Mummy Dearest is Eliza's Light-type Gold variant. She doesn't have the highest damage, but she makes up for it in survivability. Using special moves, you can quickly fill the Blockbuster meter and get Blessing and Immunity.


Wulfsbane is a golden, dark-type variant of Beowulf. When throwing his opponents, this fighter can inflict Heal Block and Cripple. Additionally, it can deal increased damage against enemies with debuffs.


Level B

Level list of all Skullgirls characters (5)

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At Tier B, you can also find good characters that can defeat most opponents. However, they are less versatile than the S and A levels.

  • fighting dragon
  • dark power
  • chameleon touch
  • windswept
  • candy crusher
  • frozen brain
  • biting cold
  • beatbox
  • killer's greed
  • high ruler
  • eternal wonder
  • by the apparent
  • Night shift
  • green gang
  • Galactic Glamor
  • furry fury
  • legal heir
  • firefly
  • perennial evil
  • dream Catcher
  • dream band
  • idol threat
  • hype man
  • heavy reign
  • Heavy metal
  • heart of darkness
  • Intentional
  • meow and forever
  • girl thing
  • ivy league
  • vector shield
  • internal parts
  • Recommendation
  • twisted plot
  • personal assistant
  • pea shooter
  • nuisance
  • Ninja star
  • Mrs. Judgment
  • lunatic
  • model leader
  • scarlet viper
  • Rusty
  • Rockstar
  • soul crusher
  • Red velvet
  • pirate puddle
  • killer lady
  • Prototype
  • X-Bot
  • windswept
  • wind chaser
  • time thief
  • tidal traveler
  • change the terror
  • split image
  • wild boy
  • ultraviolent
  • timeless hero
  • soul Sister
  • sun style
  • lethal weapon

killer's greed

Assassin's Greed is a variant of the Light Diamond-type Valentine. She is one of the most enduring defensive fighters. She can reduce HP and inflict bleeding on enemies using Blockbuster. Additionally, he can regenerate up to 5% HP per second when near a Bleeding enemy.

meow and forever

Meow & Furever is a golden light-type variant of Ms. Fortune. By losing health you can get Final Stand and Precision. Additionally, after Final Stand expires, Meow & Furever will stun the enemy and inflict Death Mark.

time thief

Time Thief is a fire-type gold variant of Ms. Fortune. This fighter is perfect for both offense and defense thanks to its survivability and high damage. Time Thief can apply Death Mark to an enemy when it hits them with a blow to the head. Additionally, upon exiting Headless Mode, he regains much of his lost health.


Level C

Level list of all Skullgirls characters (6)

While B-tier characters can deal with most opponents, C-tier characters can only be effective against certain enemies. Therefore, it is better not to use them if you can avoid them.

  • Found
  • A tie
  • Cold Stone
  • fan favorite
  • virtuoso vintage
  • blue bomber
  • damn valentine's day
  • Blood donation
  • golden gunner
  • bottom line
  • Armed forces
  • gato infernal
  • dark fan
  • gray matter
  • freedom fighter
  • feline luck
  • feathered borders
  • Mala Sra. Gelado
  • M-3OW
  • Last hope
  • luxury lapis lazuli
  • just kitten
  • twin hell
  • immoral fiber
  • Hot IceCream
  • pecar garcetas
  • night of terror
  • Myst-Match
  • megasonic
  • oh never
  • nanotechnology
  • Number one
  • robocopia
  • Repetition
  • royally
  • raw nerve
  • pyrotechnics
  • private rooster
  • prism plumage
  • princess pride
  • That's all, friends!
  • temple tyrant
  • ice cream school
  • child star
  • Incomplete
  • salad
  • x fighter
  • weekend warrior
  • toggle
  • twisted courage
  • triple threat
  • treble maker
  • grave and melancholy

princess pride

Princess Pride is Parasoul's light-type gold variant. It has a low attack but can live for a long time. When Princess Pride spawns Tear, she gains Regen. And then, by blowing up Tears, you can restore your HP.


M-3OW is a light bronze type variant of Robo-Fortune. This fighter has a very low attack stat. However, he can deal a lot of extra damage while in enemy range. You can also gain Invincible while at enemy range. But when your opponent gets close, the M-3OW becomes an easy target.

twin hell

Infernal Twin is a Bronze variant of Fukua's Fire-type. This brawler can rage attacks and block enemy attacks, so the Infernal Twin can deal good damage. However, against strong opponents, it won't be as effective.


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level D

Level list of all Skullgirls characters (7)

Skullgirls Tier D contains the weakest characters in the game, so you should avoid playing them.

  • necropuzzle
  • almost left
  • not daniel
  • decoded
  • dead of winter
  • Blue fabric
  • Circus tent
  • easy trigger
  • Scared
  • scribbler
  • dyed pink
  • evil resonant
  • rain shadow
  • appropriate anger
  • joker
  • Untouchable
  • helpless
  • stage fright
  • To scrub
  • cold stones


Unscrambled is a dark bronze variant of Eliza. Can deal more damage depending on how many opponents are alive. However, he can't even handle a defensive brawler of the same tier due to his low base damage.

evil resonant

Resonant Evil is a dark-type silver variant of Big Band. You can gain armor by taking damage from enemies. Also, because he has armor, he has a small chance to stun the enemy with his attack. Unfortunately, this protection won't save you from strong attackers at higher levels.


Untouchable is the golden water-type variant of Peacock. He can dodge all damage from hits with a low chance and then become Unbreakable. Untouchable is a great fighter to try Peacock. However, after the first few battles, it's better to find someone stronger.

That's all you need to know about the Skullgirls character tier list. And while you're still here, be sure to check out ourPath to Nowhere layer list. Also, feel free to check out ourList of Rainbow Six mobile levels.


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