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Rainwater tanks made in Melbourne to Australian standards

Fleximake Rainwater Bladder Tanks are designed and manufactured in Australia. Our bladder tanks are self supporting and made from heavy duty reinforced PVC material that is puncture resistant making them strong yet flexible. These collapsible and flexible rainwater tanks are superior to traditional rigid tanks as they take up less space and free up unusable areas for other purposes, such as water storage. B. Rooms with limited height can be used without any problem. That means you can put it under your house or under a patio (for example, under the deck tank or under the house rainwater tanks).

You can also install our rainwater bladder tanks in spaces that are awkwardly shaped where a rigid tank would not fit. Not only is it practical and allows you to hide your rainwater collection system, it is also easier to install and more flexible. We have two different fabric material options for these tanks; Potable water (suitable for storing potable water per AS/NZ 4020) and non-potable water. The standard sizes of our rainwater tanks range from 750 l to 40,000 l. We can manufacture custom dimensions and shapes to perfectly fit your space and capacity needs.

Fleximake offers three different arrangements to connect the downspout to the bladder tank to collect rainwater; Bottom padding, top padding and side padding. These offer great flexibility, allowing you to choose the method that best suits your specifications.

If our standard rainwater storage tanks do not meet your needs or if you have any queries, you can simply contact us and we will offer you a solution that perfectly suits your needs.

We offer three configurations of fill inlet ports for flexible rainwater bladder tanks to perfectly fit your unique space.

Bottom Padding Settings

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Side fill configuration

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All tank options have multiple accessories to aid in installation and make it more effective. Discover these compatible accessories by visiting the accessories page below.

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Features of Fleximake Rainwater Bladder Tanks

  • Made of durable puncture resistant reinforced PVC material
  • Flexible yet strong and durable.
  • easy to install
  • guaranteed longevity
  • It can be adjusted to any available space.
  • Wide range of standard sizes to suit your needs
  • It can be made according to custom requirements.
  • Easy to carry as it can be rolled into a small package and costs less to transport.
  • Can be placed in height restricted areas and awkwardly shaped spaces

Features of Fleximake Rainwater Bladder Tanks

Traditionally, the method of rainwater storage has been corrugated iron or polyethylene tanks. These tanks take up a lot of usable space that could be used for other businesses. As homes get larger and block sizes get smaller, a stormwater storage solution is needed for space and aesthetics conscious homeowners looking to save money. Rainwater bladders are flexible tanks that are not rigid, allowing them to fit into spaces not normally used to store water. For example, under the house or as a water tank under the roof. There are some low profile rainwater tanks on the market, but the flexible nature of the bladders makes them superior compared to other types of low profile rainwater tanks.

Bladder tanks allow you to have a cost-effective solution for rainwater harvesting. Unlike rigid rainwater tanks, our flexible rainwater bladder tanks are easy and cheap to transport, especially to rural areas. As you can imagine, only a few rigid polyethylene tanks fit on a large truck at a time, making transportation very expensive. On the other hand, a large bladder tank, with a capacity of 20,000 l, can be rolled into a small package of 60 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm for transport. This makes the bladders an ideal solution for rural rainwater tank applications.

Once the bladder tank arrives at your destination, it's easy to install because you don't have to push around a large container like you would with a rigid rainwater tank. Due to their flexibility, rainwater bladder tanks can accept much larger installation dimensional tolerances compared to a rigid water tank, saving installation time. Rainwater is a valuable natural resource that Australians have collected for domestic, agricultural and commercial use since colonial times. With Fleximake's flexible rainwater tanks, water storage takes up less space and gives all Australians the opportunity to collect rainwater.

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Rainwater Bladder Tanks Sizes

At Fleximake we have a range of standard sizes with capacities from small 800L rainwater tanks to large 40,000L rainwater tanks. The following table shows the dimensions for each size. Visit fmestore for prices on Fleximake standard rainwater tanks. These can be used as residential rainwater tanks and also for commercial water storage applications. With a tank capacity of up to 10,000 l, they are often used as indoor rainwater tanks in houses.

Model No.width (m)Length (m)height (m)capacity (l)
RWP-010-0301 metro3 metros0,45m800L
RWP-010-0401 metro4m0,45m1,100 liters
RWP-010-0501 metro5 metros0,45m1,400 liters
RWP-010-0601 metro6 metros0,45m1,650 liters
RWP-010-0801 metro8 metros0,45m2,250 liters
RWP-010-1001 metro10 metros0,45m2,850 liters
RWP-015-0301,5 metros3 metros0,7 metros1,650 liters
RWP-015-0401,5 metros4m0,7 metros2,300 liters
RWP-015-0501,5 metros5 metros0,7 metros3.000L
RWP-015-0601,5 metros6 metros0,7 metros3,700 liters
RWP-015-0801,5 metros8 metros0,7 metros5,000 liters
RWP-015-1001,5 metros10 metros0,7 metros6,400 liters
RWP-020-0302 metros3 metros0,75 metros2,550 liters
RWP-020-0402 metros4m0,75 metros3,650 liters
RWP-020-0502 metros5 metros0,75 metros4,700 liters
RWP-020-0602 metros6 metros0,75 metros5,750 liters
RWP-020-0802 metros8 metros0,75 metros8,000 liters
RWP-020-1002 metros10 metros0,75 metros10,000 liters
RWP-030-1003 metros10 metros1 metro20,000 liters
RWP-040-1004m10 metros1 metro30,000 liters
RWP-050-1005 metros10 metros1,1 metro40,000 liters

Fleximake can offer you a custom rainwater tank solution that is perfectly suited to your needs. We design and manufacture rainwater bladder tanks exactly to your needs in terms of size. We can also make very large bladders for large scale rainwater harvesting systems. The friendly team at Fleximake will be happy to assist you with any specific requirements. Just fill out the inquiry form below or call us on 1300 195 295. We discuss your needs, rainwater tank size and deliver the perfect solutions on time. We can help you achieve a successful DIY rainwater harvesting system.

How to choose the size of your rainwater tank

When deciding on a rainwater tank, it can be difficult to estimate the size of the water storage, since we cannot predict exactly how often it will rain. However, you must consider past rainfall data for your area, water use, and space availability.

The amount of water you can collect mainly depends on the amount of rain in your area, for example, coastal areas would rain more than areas isolated from water. The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) posts past monthly rainfall data for your area on the website in tabular format. BOM also publishes this data in map format.

Once you have found your rainfall data, you can find the amount of water you could collect by multiplying the rainfall by the area of ​​your roof. If you don't know the roof area, you can find it by looking at the building plans or going online on Google Maps. This is important so that you have a rough idea of ​​how much water you could collect each month.

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You may also need to consider weather patterns and anomalies in your area. If your area is prone to spontaneous heavy rains or dry seasons, then it is better to get a larger tank to hold water during the most needed times. It is also important to estimate your water use before deciding on the size of your rainwater tank. This way, you avoid choosing an unnecessarily large or too small tank. Finally, you need to consider how much space you have available to place your rainwater tank. Fleximake rainwater tanks and under deck water tanks can use the unused space, thus saving space. Once all this is taken into account, you will be able to choose the most suitable size for your rainwater collection tank that will collect enough water at the best price.

Would you like more information?

Write us a message and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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