Rune Factory 5 Wanted Monster Locations: Ranger Ranks & Shields List, Wanted Monster Maps (2023)

rune factory 5is the latest game in the series known for combining JRPG action gameplay with a friendly farming system.

This time you find yourself in the charming little town of Rigbarth. As you try to recover your memories, help the citizens by working as a ranger for the Seed security team. As one of your quests, you must hunt and capture 18 creatures to rise through the ranks of the seed.

In this Rune Factory 5 Crest and Wanted Monsters guide, we will show you each Wanted Monster location with a map and describe each crest and the ability it grants.

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Rune Factory 5 Wanted Monsters Guide

How to Start Wanted Monster Quests

As one of your quests, you can hunt wanted monsters and catch them.

First you have to talk to Livia., your superior, at Rigbarth's Outpost to review the list of monsters and then choose which quest to accept. It is possible to hunt only one monster at a time, and each of them has a certain level of difficulty.

The monster you need to catch has a red aura around it, making it quite easy to spot among normal creatures.Once you complete the quest, you need to report it to Livia and receive your reward.

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About ranks and rewards

There are two good reasons to complete these quests: leveling up as a ranger and Crests.

Haya total of six ranks and ten coats of arms, a type of equipment that gives you access to passive abilities that will help you on your journey. Some of these you get by leveling up, others you get as rewards for catching a certain number of monsters from the list.

Before we get to the monsters, let's look at ranks and crests.

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Rune Factory 5 Range and Shield Abilities

Here's the list of each rank, how many monsters you need to capture to reach them, and the reward and shield you get for doing so.


rangpower thresholdAward
ranger wannabeAchieved once you have caught all three level 1 monsters1000 Gold - Companion Crest
renowned rangerAchieved once you have caught all three level 2 monsters2000 Gold - Research Crest
charismatic rangerAchieved once you have caught all three level 3 monsters5000 Gold - Foresight Crest, Cooperation Crest and now you can equip two Crests
expert rangersAchieved once you have caught all three level 4 monsters25000 Gold - Reiterwappen
perfect rangerAchieved once you have caught the first three level 5 monsters10,000 gold - Squad Exchanges

list of coats of arms

Here is the complete list of crests and the abilities of each crest.

crest nameAbility
beginner crestIncreases VIT and allows you to use the toilets for free, but it doesn't work after you rank up
supplementary coat of armsWith this shield you can take people from Rigbarth with you on missions
crest noteBy using this shield, you can get hints on where to find the monsters you're looking for and get help from people in Rigbarth.
research crestIt gives you the ability to enter people's homes whenever you want.
insurance crestThis shield halves your medical costs if you die fighting a wanted monster.
forecast crestWith this shield you will find treasures and objects more easily
Cooperation Coat of ArmsThis makes it easier to activate Link Attacks in combat.
Rider Coat of ArmsThe monsters you ride will make you run faster if you equip this shield.
crest SPWith this shield, you can receive escort requests from the residents of Rigbarth.
Patrol againstBy equipping this shield, you will earn more SEED points through activities

How to capture wanted monsters

To trap monsters, you need to use the seal spell by pressing 'ZL' once they are weak. However, these are not easy targets, and lowering your health bar to catch them is no easy feat. However, as he explainsthis channelThere is a cheat on Youtube (using the Japanese version of the game) that you can use to defeat them.

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All you have to do isthrow away failed disheswhich causes significant damage. You can get them by cooking random edible items on your kitchen table. For level 5 monsters, it took between four and five before the creatures could be captured.

So, armed with this invaluable tip, let's take a look at where to find all 18 wanted monsters.

Where to find all wanted monsters in Rune Factory 5

Here we list all the wanted monsters in Rune Factory 5 along with their level, quest name, exact location (including a map), and reward:

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  • Level 1
  • Task: Catch the slime!
  • Location: In Phoros Woodlands, you need to follow the path to the north.
  • Reward: Weapon Pan x1


  • Level 1
  • Task: Catch the fairy!
  • Location: In Phoros Woodlands go straight ahead and cross the river. Then you can go south until you find a small lake.
  • Reward: Peasant Bread x1

goblin archer

  • Level 1
  • Mission: Capture the Goblin Archer!
  • Location: south of the forests of Phoros. You have to follow the river to the entrance of a cave.
  • Reward: Cook Bread x1

big shit

  • Level 2
  • Mission: Conquer the Big Muck!
  • Location: Head north into the woods of Phoros and you'll find it just after you cross the river.
  • Reward: Cook Bread x1


  • Level 2
  • Mission: Conquer the Chipsqueek!
  • Location: In the volcanic region of Kelve, you need to go north and you will find the creature on the left side of the large fossil.
  • Reward: Chemical Pan x1


  • Level 2
  • Task: Conquer the Ignis!
  • Location: In the volcanic region of Kelve, you need to go north to the lava area. Near the Fire Dragon.
  • Reward: Bread Making x1


  • level 3
  • Mission: Conquer the Garmr!
  • Location – In the Kelvic Volcano region, follow the initial path north and you will find it in the forest right at the beginning of the area.
  • Reward: Weapon Bread x2


  • level 3
  • Mission: Catch the Emperor Penguin!
  • Location: Move to its entrance at Lake Yumina and follow the mountains to the west.
  • Reward: cook bread x2

silver wolf

  • level 3
  • Task: Catch the silver wolf!
  • Location: At Yumina Lake, keep going northwest and you'll find it near a small cliff.
  • Reward: Bread Making x2


  • Level 4
  • Mission: Catch the Mamadoodle!
  • Location: In the Phoros Forest, head east to some ruins and you will find them.
  • Reward: The Protein x1


  • Level 4
  • Mission: Capture the Blood Panther!
  • Location: In the volcanic region of Kelve, you can find it near the large fossil.
  • Reward: Heart Drinker x1

tigre malm

  • Level 4
  • Mission: Capture the Malm Tiger!
  • Location – In Lake Yumina, you can find it in the central area near a frozen lake. For reference, head towards the ice dragon.
  • Reward: Intelligence x1

hell spirit

  • level 5
  • Mission: Catch the Hell Spirit!
  • Location: Go south in Late Yumina. You will find it next to a large crystal.
  • Reward: Burst x1


  • level 5
  • Task: Conquer the Guardian!
  • Location: In the volcanic region of Kelve, just walk in the direction of the large fossil. You will find the guard walking around it.
  • Reward: Millionstrike x1


  • level 5
  • Mission: Capture the Elementalist!
  • Location: Go southwest at Lake Yumina. You will find the Elementalist on a slope behind the Ice Dragon.
  • Reward: Straight Strike x1

Little Dragon

  • level 5
  • Mission: Catch the little dragon!
  • Location: This creature is part of a group of monsters whose location is constantly changing. When we found it, it was in Yumina Lake.
  • Reward: Downed Penguin

ice tap

  • level 5
  • Mission: Catch the Ice Griffon!
  • Location: This creature is part of a group of monsters whose location is constantly changing. When we found it, it was in the Kelve volcanic region.
  • Reward: Stiff Horn x1


  • level 5
  • Task: Catch the mermaid!
  • Location: This creature is part of a group of monsters whose location is constantly changing. When we found him, he was in the central region of the Phoros Forest, near the lake.
  • Reward: Blue Core x1

These are all the monsters on the list that you have to capture! After capturing them, you have become an important ranger to the Rigbarth community. Congratulations!

Now back to the yard with you.

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