Skullgirls Tier List (March 2023) – Best Characters (Mobile) (2023)

Skullgirls Tier List (March 2023) – Best Characters (Mobile) (1)

Skullgirls Mobile Tier List: The best characters in this meta

Want to know which are the best Skullgirls characters? Well look no further because on this page you will find our very own Skullgirls Mobile tier list updated for this current game meta in March 2023.

Skullgirls – Brief Introduction

With an art style reminiscent of the original video game and an immersive gameplay experience, Skullgirls Mobile is a huge hit in the mobile fighting game category.

Skullgirls Mobile is a mobile fighting game forAndroidyiOSdevices, created by Lab Zero Games and published by Autumn Games. It is based on the Skullgirls franchise and features some of the same characters from the original game. It was originally released in 2017 and has since been updated several times to add new content.

The game centers on a group of fighters called the Skull Girls who are trying to stop a malevolent organization. The story is told through cutscenes that take place between fights.

Gameplay is similar to other fighting games likeMvC3, you fight an opponent using characters with different abilities and styles.

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Each character has an HP bar that decreases when hit by their opponents' attacks; if it reaches zero, they lose the match.

But with over 170 character variants, choosing the right fighter for every battle and game mode is hard enough.

That's why we created this Skullgirls Mobile Tier List, to help new players and veterans show which character variants are the best in this current meta.

In our Skullgirls tier list, we rank character variants from best (S-tier) to worst (D-tier) based on how well they do in PF Offense, Rift Offense, and Rift Defense.

February 3, 2023: We made changes to ourSkullGirls Mobile Level List

Skullgirls: Personagens S-Tier (2023)

Skullgirls Tier List (March 2023) – Best Characters (Mobile) (2)

These are the best character variants on Skullgirls mobile:

  • bad hair day
  • beast king
  • Spoiler
  • class cutter
  • claw and order
  • common animal
  • Frizz Djinn
  • eager deceiver
  • firemark
  • i miss friday
  • head hunter
  • Harlequin
  • handmade love
  • prepared
  • shadow puppet
  • Shine of the stars
  • summer salt
  • General surgeon
  • Elegant
  • wet work

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Skullgirls: A-tier characters

Skullgirls Tier List (March 2023) – Best Characters (Mobile) (3)

They are not as powerful as the S-tier variants, but they are still good Skullgirls characters that you can use in all game modes.

  • Mala Sra. Gelado
  • bio-exorcist
  • blitz e glamour
  • abate
  • criminal mind
  • intervention of divas
  • double
  • epic sax
  • flycatchers
  • frayed ends
  • frozen frame
  • Hack and Splash
  • hard hand
  • break jaws
  • kill joy
  • always
  • Dear Mom
  • neuromante
  • overclock
  • parasitic tissue
  • ghost wires
  • poltergust
  • purrminator
  • purrfect dark
  • rainbow plague
  • rain champion
  • risky ginger
  • rebel agent
  • shadow ops
  • Protected
  • Silent death
  • cobra bite
  • space case
  • stand out
  • star sequins
  • cross star
  • squeal of emotion
  • warrior frog
  • steam wave vixen
  • Wulfsbane
  • Prodigy child
  • xenomorfo

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Skullgirls: B-tier characters

Skullgirls Tier List (March 2023) – Best Characters (Mobile) (4)

These characters can hold their own in most fights, though they can be beaten by some of the stronger cast members at higher levels.

  • eternal wonder
  • killer's greed
  • beatbox
  • biting cold
  • frozen brain
  • candy crusher
  • chameleon touch
  • dark power
  • fighting dragon
  • dream band
  • dream Catcher
  • perennial evil
  • firefly
  • legal heir
  • furry fury
  • Galactic Glamor
  • green gang
  • Night shift
  • by the apparent
  • Intentional
  • heart of darkness
  • Heavy metal
  • heavy reign
  • hype man
  • idol threat
  • Recommendation
  • internal parts
  • vector shield
  • ivy league
  • girl thing
  • meow and forever
  • model leader
  • lunatic
  • Mrs. Judgment
  • Ninja star
  • nuisance
  • pea shooter
  • personal assistant
  • twisted plot
  • Prototype
  • pirate puddle
  • Red velvet
  • Rockstar
  • Rusty
  • scarlet viper
  • sun style
  • soul Sister
  • split image
  • change the terror
  • tidal traveler
  • time thief
  • timeless hero
  • ultraviolent
  • wild boy
  • wind chaser
  • windswept
  • X-Bot

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C-level characters

Skullgirls Tier List (March 2023) – Best Characters (Mobile) (5)

C-level Skullgirls characters aren't very good and are below average.

  • Armed forces
  • bottom line
  • Blood donation
  • damn valentine's day
  • blue bomber
  • Cold Stone
  • A tie
  • Found
  • feathered borders
  • feline luck
  • freedom fighter
  • gray matter
  • dark fan
  • gato infernal
  • Hot IceCream
  • immoral fiber
  • twin hell
  • just kitten
  • luxury lapis lazuli
  • Last hope
  • M-3OW
  • megasonic
  • Myst-Match
  • night of terror
  • pecar garcetas
  • Number one
  • nanotechnology
  • oh never
  • princess pride
  • prism plumage
  • private rooster
  • pyrotechnics
  • raw nerve
  • royally
  • Repetition
  • robocopia
  • salad
  • Incomplete
  • child star
  • ice cream school
  • temple tyrant
  • That's all, friends!
  • grave and melancholy
  • treble maker
  • triple threat
  • twisted courage
  • toggle
  • weekend warrior
  • x fighter

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D-level characters

Skullgirls Tier List (March 2023) – Best Characters (Mobile) (6)

D Tier characters are considered among the weakest characters in Skullgirls Mobile. As such, these characters generally should not be used.

  • Circus tent
  • Blue fabric
  • dead of winter
  • decoded
  • not daniel
  • almost left
  • necropuzzle
  • appropriate anger
  • rain shadow
  • evil resonant
  • dyed pink
  • scribbler
  • Scared
  • To scrub
  • stage fright
  • helpless
  • Untouchable
  • joker

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Final thoughts on our Skullgirls Tier List

Skullgirls Mobile has a huge roster of characters to choose from and each character has their own unique move set that makes them different from each other.

Each character also has their own personality traits, so they feel like they have their own unique personalities.

These personalities (also known as variants) help to differentiate each character from one another and make them more fun to play as they have more personality than most other fighters on mobile today.

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However, you have to keep in mind that Skullgirls Mobile is an adaptation of Skullgirls 2nd Encore, so don't expect it to play like a traditional fighting game.

It has a few different mechanics built in that make it unique, but if you expect it to lookStreet Fighteror Mortal Kombat then you will be disappointed.

Our Skullgirls Mobile Tier List is an unofficial ranking of game characters.

The list is based on player experience and knowledge of the metagame. It is unofficial and should not be used as a basis for any decision on which characters to use in the game.

So this Skullgirls tier list will change over time. Characters can move up or down based on new updates added by the developers that affect the way they play, so keep an eye out for those rankings!

Common questions

How was this Skullgirls tier list created?

We've compiled our tier lists from a wide variety of sources, including some created or used directly by the Skullgirls community, such asRedditdiscussion topics andDiscordchat logs in which many players expressed their opinions about the characters. But we also take into account our own gaming experience in addition to all other features.

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What is the best Skullgirls character?

At the moment, we believe that the variations of the following characters are the best in the game:Passionate,She is,Cerebellum,parasol, youlady fortune.

Is this Skullgirls tier list accurate?

No tier list can be 100% accurate as we all have different play styles and favorite characters. But we've done our best to represent the current meta as accurately as possible. Keep in mind that this isn't the only Skullgirls tier list you'll see. There are many other lists with differing opinions, so don't lock yourself into any specific ranking if it doesn't suit your play style or chosen character.

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