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Fire Sprinkler Installation Reviews

Metropolitan Fire Protection Inc.


I loved the team they sent to check my sprinkler system. They knew that a head needed to be replaced, they identified another head and the pressure gauge that also needed to be replaced. They also explained a few things I was concerned about and assured me they weren't issues. Was aexpensive job but considering I couldn't find anyone else willing to tinker with the system I guess that's what you pay for the experience

- Coleen A....

Metropolitan Fire Protection Inc.


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A home fire sprinkler had a leak and I quickly realized that their repair/replacement is a specialist service with few vendors in our area. Another company I called only served business customers. The job was completed in less than an hour. The soldier was very courteous andexplained that sprinkler failures are rare and could simply be a case of the sprinkler unit not being tightened. In fact, when removing it, he mentioned that it felt a little loose, but he went ahead and replaced it just in case. My house is 13 years old and was probably not tight enough at the time of installation. The only negatives were some difficulties with the initial call - I was getting voicemail from the Service Department so I kept calling to speak to someone live rather than risk leaving a message. It took 7 hours from the initial call until the service technician showed up; a little time consuming, but given the shortage of suppliers I was glad it was done the same day.

-Manoel B....



The plumber called us about 10 minutes before the scheduled time of 7am. so as not to scare us just by showing up. A jolly fellow at such an obscene hour. After showing him the backflow valve for the fire extinguishing system, he explained the process and why the new valve was different from the old being replaced. And shortly before starting work, he alerted to the sound of smoke detectors due to the cutting and welding of pipes. Everything went as described and I am very satisfied (I watched it due to work). They did $50 off which was a nice surprise. Somehow they managed to get the plumbing inspector to show up an hour or two after the job was done so I didn't have to take another day off for the inspection. I've only received two quotes for the job and I assume it's a fair price.

-Cornell A....

Metropolitan Fire Protection Inc.

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The technician arrived during the scheduled time window. I had arranged in advance with the building manager that the technician would work with the building manager to turn off various alarms, sensors and pumps. The technician then drained the water from the sprinkler system pipes on the sixth floor.where is my unit The technician knew very well what needed to be done and the order in which it needed to be done. It's quite a complicated process and the steps need to be done in the correct order to avoid a false alarm at the fire station or a flood in the building. You definitely want someone with a lot of experience doing this. After priming, it only took about 5 minutes for the technician to replace the faulty spray head. (The old head has rusted around the base, indicating a slow leak.) The technician came prepared with everything he needed to remove the head (special tool required) and all replacement parts. He was also careful to protect the kitchen counter and the floor below where he worked. Due to the care he took to drain the pipes before removing the head, only a few drops of water came out. I had a bucket ready in case there was more, but there were hardly any. After repair, carefully cleaned. No drywall repair or painting required. You would never know the head had been replaced. After replacing the head, the technician filled in the sprinkler system lines and worked with the building manager to reactivate all alarms, sensors and pumps. Again, everything had to be done in a very specific order, so I was glad the technician was so well versed in the process. For someone who doesn't realize all that is involved in replacing one of these sprinklers, the $340 price tag might seem steep, but there are very few companies that do this type of repair for an individual homeowner in the DC area, and there is a lot of expertise required. to do the job well in a condo. Definitely not a DIY type of task. You want an experienced technician to do this. I should also point out that prior to the release of Metropolitan Fire Protection, I tried to get the contractor who has the maintenance contract for the common parts of the fire sprinkler system in our condominiums to come and see my sprinkler. They wanted $500 just to go out and have a look. So the repair would have been extra. They clearly weren't interested in doing repairs for individual condo unit owners. Since the repair I have had no problems with the sprinkler. No rust return, no dripping, nothing. So I consider the $340 money well spent.

-Steve K....

Plumbing and Heating B McCall


They did a good professional job from start to finish. Communication was good, before, during and after. Mr. McCall was not on site but he had employees doing the work and he came to inspect the work they were doing. My only issue was your original recommendation to replace firesprinkler backflow (with a new backflow that does not need inspection every year). This was the wrong recommendation because I still need to inspect the backflow on my outdoor lawn sprinkler every year. It doesn't seem like it would cost much more to inspect the fire backflow at the same time as my lawn backflow, so replacing the fire backflow doesn't seem to be necessary.


-Kevin H....

O'Connor Plumbing and Heating


The technician, Jason, was friendly, professional and knowledgeable. arrived on time. he completed the job and explained what he was doing to me as he went along. He also gave me advice on other components of our water system, such as shutting off the water supply to the house without turning off thefire sprinklers and how to turn off/flush out our outdoor faucets in the winter. completed the repair with as little damage as possible and cleaned up the mess before leaving

-Maria M....

Mr. North Montgomery County Handyman


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It had 2 small leaks in our kitchen ceiling. The leaks were directly under the master bathroom and were halfway between the toilet and the master bathroom shower. Also, there is a fire extinguisher about 3 to 6 inches from the leak. Michael diagnosed part of the cause of the problem, which was a leak.shower valve Replaced the valve in the shower, and when a second, unrelated leak was discovered in the same area, he fixed it and replaced a pipe. very professional at all

- Erica D....


Best Contractor Choice We did a lot of research to find the best contractor to transform our 1000 square foot dark and dank basement into a modern living room. Based on advice from neighbors and online reviews, we chose 8 contractors to provide us with estimates. What impressed us the most was the BasementRemodeling Group/ACH. Due to their standardized business model, we were able to receive a quote during the initial consultation. It immediately became clear that this company was extremely well organized. The fact that they specialize in basements is like having a heart condition and having a cardiologist instead of a GP. The owner, Pavel, is a unique mentor to the operation. He has an energy and enthusiasm that has worked in our favor time and time again. After deciding that Basement Remodeling / ACH Group was at the top of our list, we researched to make sure they were everything we were looking for. I asked them for references and received contact information for over one hundred past clients. I randomly selected one from each page and contacted 10 of them via email. I received responses from 9 of them, all saying how satisfied they were with the work. Two invited me to their homes and I went to one. It was an architect who was proud to show me his basement. Several clients told me how skilled Pavel's subcontractors were. We found this to be true and almost all subcontractors worked exclusively for the company. One of the contractors told me that he liked working for Pavel because he always got paid on time. That information told me a lot about why basement remodeling is so good at what it does. We were now convinced that Basement Remodel was the best contractor for us. Our home is in DC and that meant a lot of permits. Pavel's contact person on permits was excellent in obtaining permits and attending inspection visits. Our project included digging 3 feet of concrete/earth, installing a dry sump/bilge pump system, new set of stairs, new HVAC, laundry room, bathroom, office and family room. The final base cost did not differ from the original estimate. I never felt pressured to spend more than originally quoted. In fact, it was the complete opposite. There were improvements (like more soundproofing, fire extinguishers) that I insisted on. Pavel warned me if my ideas were far-fetched or not. He gave me options and recommendations, but the decisions were always mine. Many times Pavel recommended a cheaper option to achieve the desired result. We are very pleased with all the decisions we made in transforming our basement into a living space. The best decision we made was to opt for the Pavel and Cave Remodeling

-Barry B....

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