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Acosta Landscape Inc.


Really very good. In fact, we rely on Acosta Landscape Company for all of our landscaping needs and have worked with Gabriel's company for over 29 years. He and his staff are very thorough, respectful, friendly and extremely professional in making sure nothing is left unfinished. We completely trust Gabe's expertopinions as he has been in this business for a long time and knows what would be best for us as his customers. Honestly, he and his staff have become a part of our community and family and we are trying to show our gratitude for all of his hard work, especially during these hot Arizona summers, keeping them hydrated to care for them. I would definitely recommend his company to anyone and everyone as they are 100% dedicated to his amazing work. Thanks guys !

-Donald W....

CWC Landscaping LLC


This was the best deal I have ever purchased! I was very impressed with every aspect of your service. I got more for my money than I expected. I was looking forward to a visit and they went above and beyond to make it a full service experience and required no effort on my part.They made it super easy and convenient. She didn't even have to be home. They came first to adjust the sprinkler. They then came to the first service where they mowed, thatched, sowed and also covered the seed with topsoil/manure. They did it all in just one hour! They came back two weeks later and did a second seeding for bald/thin patches and adjusted the watering time. They return for the third time to spray the perimeter after the excesses of winter planting. Could not be happier. Kimberly the office manager and Dedra were very responsive and helpful with any questions I had. I plan to use them again this spring! I highly recommend it. Also, the grass looks great! It came quite thick

- Sara W....

CWC Landscaping LLC


Great job, the team was on time and the co-owner also came by to make sure my service and desired result was achieved.

- don g...

CWC Landscaping LLC


just great. Very professional company. I highly recommend them. After this service, I purchased a complete winter planting kit and a six month weed control kit for my front yard.

(Video) How to Winterize a Sprinkler System - Blow Out Method

-Anne S....

central landscape


The evaluation revealed several problems. Quick fixes needed for winter lawn. Aaron, you did a great job. Any issues were resolved in a timely manner and I was satisfied with the price.

-Kelly S....

Kenny's Lawn Service LLC


They have sown the lawn with winter grass. They are punctual and tidy. If I ever have a problem, I'll fax or call them and it's fixed.

-Laurie A....

sprinkler doctors


The service was carried out quickly and thoroughly. When repairing the timer, the most important component, the control board, had to be replaced. My own familiarity with timers made me expect that. The service engineer stocks a full range of these parts for all major brands of timers, so this was done promptly. HaveI have previously used Sprinkler Doctors on my rental properties. Just a very minor complaint; They occasionally show up early before you can get to the property.

- Carlos S....

CWC Landscaping LLC


We have been loyal customers of CWC for four years. They took care of all our maintenance, weeding and reseeding until we put in a pool. We also chose them to add a new lawn and sprinkler system after the pool was completed. We have never had a problem with CWC and the service.and the prices have always been excellent

-David P....

Kenny's Lawn Service LLC


When my old gardener had to retire, I struggled to find a reliable replacement. Over the months, both the front and back yards became jungles of weeds. The backyard was particularly horrible: my dogs couldn't run and play without having their paws covered in burrs. I read the reviews of Kenny's Lawnservice and called for more information. During our initial conversation, Kenny shared that his equipment was complete for the next few weeks. I told him about my situation and he was quite impressed when he found time in his busy schedule to come in for a consultation. A few days after that first call, both yards were clean. We established a biweekly maintenance schedule. A few weeks ago, Kenny and his team planted winter grass in the backyard. Now it looks like a park! The best thing is that I can play frisbee with my pups again. Although the cost is a bit high, patios have never looked better. Kenny is very responsive to calls and messages and keeps me up to date on what needs to be done. Professionalism, reliability and quality results are worth the price.

-Judy G....

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-Sue M....



I reached out to Scott to do a major cleanup and cut and trim the years off our rental in Glendale, AZ. Initially he was very receptive and I was very satisfied with his first job. I paid the $600.00 bill from him within minutes of receiving it. things werefrom there very fast downhill. When we initially discussed the cleanup, I asked him to also start a regular monthly lawn service, reseeding the front and back yards with winter grass and fixing some damaged sprinklers, leaks, etc. He did not add me to his route, nor did he send anyone to inspect for sprinkler leaks, reseed, etc. I called him back and emailed him with friendly, non-intrusive reminders. Finally after 3 weeks he responded and said he would send some people over. At that point I also reminded him that I wanted him to redo winter grass in the front and back yards and fix the sprinklers, leaks, etc. He called me one day the following week and told me that his people were having trouble finding the sprinkler system timers and on/off valves. I told him that they were in front of the house, clearly visible, right by the front door, etc. (That seemed weird to me, but I let it slide.) He then contacted me to say that his people had smashed the glass in the rear sliding glass door with a rock thrown from a lawnmower operated by one of his helpers. He also implied that the damage was somehow my fault because there were some rocks in the backyard grass. I'm a fair man, so I advised him that if he paid for the glass, we'd either pay for the installation or split all the work 50/50 however he wanted. At this point, Scott vanished into thin air. No response to windows repair, zip, nothing. I went on another 5 days then had my contractor fix the damage. Upon inspection, Scott never began regular yard work, repairing the sprinklers/leaks or re-seeding the front and back yards. To date (10/10/2016) he has yet to respond to texts, voicemails, or emails. How the heck Scott got a AAA rating on this site is beyond me. Use his service at your own risk.

-William L....

D&L Sprinkler Service


The contractor arrived within the agreed time frame. Friendly and professional in demeanor. He inspected my drip system hoses, adjusted all my sprinkler heads, and reset my irrigation timer to reflect the watering needs of shrubs and trees this winter. I found out that he was overwatering everything andThis increases my water bill. I would hire this company again

-Zey V....

Singletary Plumbing & Air Conditioning LLC


I had a broken valve on my sprinkler system that was spraying water everywhere. I had to turn off the water. I wanted to use a local business. The singletary service was excellent, it came out right away. New valves of a different type and installed near the bottom so I don't have to worry.freeze in winter. It will be easy to cover. The service was excellent, I will recommend it to my friends and I will use it again. Thanks again Singletary Family

-Colleen C....

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Greg is doing a great job. He adjusted all the sprinklers so they wouldn't splash the gravel or the wall of the house. He changed the timer to the winter setting to conserve water. I have been using Greg for over 5 years for projects large and small and have been very pleased with his service.

- johannes r....

Sun Wolfe Irrigation Inc.


I left a message saying I had a broken sprinkler valve, Jeff called me back to say it's not really getting as far as we live but since we had winter rye down below he would make an exception. He was on time, fixed the problem, showed me how to fix it myself in the future, and charged me a fee.very fair price. Great overall experience. We recommend

-Jeff A....



Mark came right over and dug up the lines, made any necessary repairs, fixed the leaks and got the clocks running as required as we had just planted a winter lawn. He worked fast. He didn't waste time. We would definitely recommend it. He is a very nice friendly man! give aFinancial support

-Carolyn H....



Since I am a winter guest, we had to communicate by phone. Vic kept me informed and summarized all post repair actions. He also gave other good recommendations. He is not only well acquainted with this type of irrigation system, but he is also well acquainted with the plants and his own.needs. Their prices are more than reasonable. She'd be back with him in a heartbeat

Felipe K....

(Video) Hunter IIF Training: Irrigation System Winterization

hawk eye landscaping


What an amazing experience! I was planting the winter lawn and all of a sudden my sprinkler system went off. Hawkeye was called and Mike was dispatched the same day. The man is amazing. He figured out the problem in a matter of minutes, then adjusted the sprinkler heads throughout the system. He also gave me something important.Lawn care tips. So 5 stars, it couldn't have been better.

- Gary B....

M&M Landscaping


They have been taking care of my landscape for over 2-2.5 years; got its name from Angie's War initially good and responsive but became progressively worse and ineffective PROS; very nice people and easy to talk to, especially Dora; Mr. Muñoz was much more conscientious whencame up DISADVANTAGES; * having to repeatedly call and point out problems that need to be fixed; probably overgrown weeds, drip pipes constantly leaking, trees not watered at all *they lost a lot of trees in the summer due to their neglect* the straw that broke the camel's back was the grass; I have always gotten winter grass and this winter they had not started until late in the winter; I asked them when they would start; they said oh you didn't tell us; then they put a winter lawn and the result was terrible and still is; They tried to sow, but to no avail. They acted completely unaware of the turning point of this. * I received many letters from my HOA as they won't trim my [not very large] trees and let huge weeds sprout in the front yard. * His son, Ralph, had billed me for a mulch cover for the trees and gravel for the bare patches in my yard and hadn't delivered it in three months, excuse after excuse. I ended up withholding my payments and they followed through. I eventually discovered several leaks and asked them to fix them. Then they told me to call another subcontractor who does exactly that [he was a nice guy and didn't charge me much] *for a few weeks in early summer none of my plants were watered and I found out the watering timer was broken and I had to replace it. ; That broke again and ruined my lawn again *they just came and mowed my lawn and blew leaf in my pool [this is another problem my pool man is not happy about] and left. They don't even have an idea of ​​the general appearance of the scenery * Overall I felt like I had to remind them of every little thing to do automatically * I was very accommodating to them for their kindness; but i couldn't take it anymore

Prabhu H....

D&L Sprinkler Service


Fantastic. That was the second time I let Dennis work. It was so much fun at my old house that D&L was the first person I called at my new house.

-Patricia K....

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