Unraveling the love triangle in Taylor Swift folklore (2023)

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Unraveling the love triangle in Taylor Swift folklore (1)

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The first time I heard Taylor SwiftFolklore,It sounded like a movie in my head. I came across a few different stories while listening, didn't I?maybe a great plot that ties it all together. I think that's what Swift wanted.She has said that she started writing these songs.tell stories of othersand not just yours. Those are the ones that interested me.

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Swift never ceases to amaze us with her storytelling abilities. Less than six months after his releaseFolklore,He came out with a brand new album:forever.Swift called him"Folkloresister album of." When I first saw the news, I was very excited about the new songs and stories and expected a continuation of some of the stories told in them.Folklore,but I don't think it's there. Still, the album is filled with the same storytelling and imagery that transports listeners to a whole new world.said fastthat she too has been lost in the stories ofFolklore,that's why he wrote more and more songs."When I did, I was less eager to leave and more eager to come back. I loved the escapism I found in these imaginary/imaginary stories," she said in an Instagram post.

Like Swift, I'm still not over the stories.Folklore, so let's unwrap one of them.

I, along with many other listeners, was intrigued by the love triangle that created Swift.Folklore. By listening to the stories of the songs and reading many theories on the internet, I have developed my own interpretation of the narrative. while listening to the songsbetty,Augustycardigan,I created my own versions of these triangular figures that are mentioned in the songs: Betty, James, and an unnamed girl Swift later named Augustine.

This story is about two young girls who get lost in their respective relationships with the same guy. Both Betty and Augustine (at different times) were in a relationship with James, a boy who did not communicate well and ultimately disrespected her. It's a story that appeals to me as a young woman who is still learning how to handle relationships. The songs tell stories of real heartbreak one feels when you're young and in love, but more than that, they tell stories of becoming stronger and wiser after dealing with heartbreak. So let's see howFolkloreThe love triangle is about the inevitable experiences of heartbreak in the young woman.

The love triangle begins with high school sweethearts James and Betty. On his prom night, James sees Betty dancing with another guy, which makes him angry and jealous and causes him to leave prom early.

The songbettyit's from James' perspective and in it he tells us what went through his mind when he decided to drop out of prom.

"Your favorite song was playing from across the gym. He was nowhere to be found, I hate crowds, you know. Plus, I saw you dance with him." -Betty

James felt betrayed when he saw Betty dancing with someone else. As he drives home, a girl from school shows up in his car and offers to give him a ride. He goes with her and before he knows it he's spending the whole summer with her at her house on her beach. He feels entitled because Betty cheated on him by dancing with another guy. Although they never really talked about it, he assumed things were over between them and basically stayed with Betty for the summer. At this point, he begins his relationship with the other girl, Agustín.

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Although James was sad to see Betty dancing with someone else, dancing with someone else isn't necessarily cheating; especially if they had never discussed what constitutes cheating in their relationship. Betty doesn't belong to James and he shouldn't try to control who he spends her time with. Regardless of how hurt she felt, Betty's actions did not validate her affair. Maybe she Betty could have talked to James about what it meant for both of them to dance with someone else in this environment, but she wasn't wrong about the situation. Open communication was clearly an element in their relationship that was holding them back. If anyone goes wrong here, it's James. His immaturity led him to end their relationship over a possible misunderstanding, and he was justifiably hurtful to Betty.

While knowingly viewing Betty as a ghost, James has an amazing summer with Augustine. Despite spending time with this new girl, James keeps thinking about Betty.Why did it scare her?Does he really love Augustine, or is it the escape from reality that she offers him that fuels their brief relationship?

As the summer draws to a close, Augustine asks James, "Will you call when you get back to school?" He says that she will, even though he knows full well that he won't.

James' complete disregard for Augustine's feelings, based on his desire for Betty, is indicative of his contempt for the impact his selfishness is having on the people who care for him. He treats Agustín with the same carelessness and lack of compassion that he treats Betty when he leaves her for the summer. Does he see women as toys to play with while he struggles to understand what he wants? How can he love someone and yet not have the respect to be honest when it comes to the terms of their relationship and ultimately leave them in limbo?

A few weeks later, realizing that James would not call her, Augustine calls him and asks if they can talk. They meet behind the mall, and then James breaks her heart by telling her that what they had was just a "summer thing" and that she would go back to Betty, her true love. For Augustine, the feelings he felt were genuine and he does not need James's admission to know the truth of his experiences. Even so, he feels like the whole world has been taken from him. He had been thinking about and loving James for so long that at that moment he was all he had.

James becomes the villain, not only because of his lack of compassion and self-confidence, but also because of his attempt to make Augustine believe that there is nothing between them. The summer she spent with Augustine was important to her, and I think he knew it. Saying she meant nothing to him was cruel and manipulative. James' immaturity does not excuse his inability to understand the implications of his actions. He owed Augustine credit for acknowledging her relationship and her confusion at her sudden denial, just as he owed Betty an apology for not being able to confront her with her own insecurities in the relationship. her.

“But I can see us lost in memory. - Aug

Sometimes you have to feel the pain and heartbreak to get over a relationship. That is what Augustine did, and what many of us are doing. Swift herself has so many songs about heartbreak. These songs help us process what happened and how we feel about it. But after her experience with James, I think Augustine realized that she didn't have to depend on a partner to feel the happiness that she had felt that summer.

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Unraveling the love triangle in Taylor Swift folklore (2)


in the songbetty,we hear James' perspective of going to Betty's house to ask for forgiveness:

"But if I show up at your party, would you have me? Would you love me? Would you tell me to go straight to hell? Or take me to the garden?" -Betty

Betty forgives him. At that moment, she thinks that he loves her and that her apology is genuine. She accepts it because she thought they belonged to each other. not?

(Video) Folklore Love Triangle- August, Cardigan, Betty | Ft. Taylor Swift

"I knew you, I tried to change the ending, Peter lost Wendy. I knew you" - Cardigan

Over time, he realized that they should not have gotten back together. Betty had found a way to forgive James, but she couldn't trust him anymore. Being with him again finally reminded him of the pain she had caused him.

After the breakup, Betty moves on with her life. But she never forgets what her relationship with James taught her about what true love is like for her. Neither did Augustine. That summer and the months that followed changed the lives of both women. They fell in love and experienced an anguish that would lead to a greater sense of self in any relationship beyond James. Losing James was never the end of the world for her. They still had their whole life to experiment.

"And when I felt like an old cardigan under someone's bed. You dressed me up and said I was your favorite." - Cardigan

In the end, everyone was hurt by this situation, but they also had fun and felt love. So was it worth it? I dont know. I've never been in love but what I'm hearing in these songs sounds great to me. So maybe it was worth it. I only hope that James has learned to treat people with more kindness and respect.

These stories made me sad for Betty and Augustine. They were very young and they got involved in a relationship that hurt them a lot, although it gave them the opportunity to grow.

Betty and Augustine grew stronger and more confident through their experiences with James. I'd like to imagine that somewhere along the way, the pain it caused them planted the seeds of a beautiful and trusting friendship between Betty and Augustine. They both learned that sometimes a good friendship can be better than any romantic relationship, especially in adolescence. I also think they kept in touch growing up and out of this 'triangle' grew into a great friendship of women learning to support each other.

I love what Swift has done with this album, creating an open narrative where the listener can develop their own version of the story. It's almost meditative to imagine these characters.

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Swift is not only a natural songwriter, but also an incredible storyteller. As a storyteller, I feel really inspired by her work. InFolklore,Swift creates complex and nuanced character stories, each flawed in its own way. In her imagery, she connects her songs with occult symbols. This gives listeners a deeper connection to the songs and adds a unique touch that her fans really appreciate. She feels very personal, like she's our friend telling us these stories.

when I listenFolklore, I feel like I'm entering the universe where these stories actually happened. I even feel like I know these characters and share their feelings. It's magic.

"You know the best movies of all time were never made." - the 1


What is the love triangle in folklore? ›

"Teenage Love Triangle" is a love triangle of 3 teenagers created by Taylor Swift. On her eighth studio album "Folklore", Swift created a love story between 3 teenagers Betty, James and Augustine. Songs "betty", "cardigan" and "august" are written by their perspectives. Swift said on her Instagram post.

Who are the three people in folklore love triangle? ›

This storyline involved three songs: August, Betty, and Cardigan. Each of them follows the characters James, Augustine, and Betty. They take you along the naive love story of three teenagers as they tell the story from each of their perspectives. To unravel this love triangle we first need to start with “August”.

Did Betty end up with James? ›

He showed up at Betty's party to apologize, hoping Betty would take him back. Betty knew James would eventually miss her and show up at her front porch, coming back to her. They started dating again, and years later Betty reflects back on their relationship. James made her feel special.

Whose perspective is Betty from? ›

They narrate the storyline from the perspectives of each of the characters involved, at different times in their lives. "Betty" is narrated from the perspective of James, who cheated on the titular character Betty, as he involves himself in a "summer fling" with the unnamed female narrator of "August".

What is the most iconic love triangle? ›

Shop The Story
  • The Great Gatsby: Jay Gatsby, Daisy Buchanan, and Tom Buchanan. ...
  • The Princess Bride: Westley, Buttercup, and Prince Humperdinck. ...
  • Twilight: Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, and Jacob Black. ...
  • Pride and Prejudice: Elizabeth Bennet, George Wickham, and Fitzwilliam Darcy.

What usually happens in a love triangle? ›

The term "love triangle" generally connotes an arrangement unsuitable to one or more of the people involved. One person typically ends up feeling betrayed at some point (e.g., "Person A is jealous of Person C who is having a relationship with Person B who, in Person A's eyes, is "their person.").

How are Willow and Cardigan connected? ›


"Willow" literally picks up right where "Cardigan" left off. The star is even wearing the same cardigan she wore in her previous MV. This was the most obvious nod to Folklore, but the other nods weren't so noticeable.

Is there an evermore love triangle? ›

The three songs – 'Cardigan', 'Betty' and 'August' – are about a love triangle, each tune written from the perspective of a different character at separate points in their lives.

What song is from Betty's perspective? ›

“What happened in my head is that 'Cardigan' is Betty's perspective from like 20 to 30 years later looking back on this love that was this tumultuous thing. In my head, I think Betty and James ended up together, right?

Who does Betty really love? ›

In the first season, Betty confesses her love for Archie, though he doesn't reciprocate at the time. When the two are sneaking around in the fourth season, cheating on Veronica and Jughead, it's Betty who calls things off.

Does Betty fall in love Daniel? ›

In the series finale, Daniel becomes aware that he is in love with Betty as he struggles to let her leave to London. In the end he asks her to have dinner with him. Fey Sommers – Former editor-In-chief; Her death resulted in Daniel being named the successor, a move stopping Wilhelmina from getting that job.

Who does Betty marry in the end? ›

Betty gets an offer to head up the FBI's serial killer division with Agent Drake, but she turns it down, saying she's “moving towards the light.” She also changes her mind and proposes to Archie, which he happily accepts.

Is Black Betty a woman? ›

and Alan Lomax's 1934 book, American Ballads and Folk Songs describes the origins of "Black Betty": "Black Betty is not another Frankie, nor yet a two-timing woman that a man can moan his blues about. She is the whip that was and is used in some Southern prisons.

Are Folklore and Evermore connected? ›

Swift described Evermore as an offshoot of "the folklorian woods"—an escapist, cottagecore-inspired direction she first ideated with Folklore during the COVID-19 pandemic; she regards them as sister albums.

What is a love triangle but with 4 people? ›

A love cube is like a love triangle, except way more complicated and messy. Where a love triangle concerns three people -- like three corners of a triangle -- a love cube concerns four.

Are love triangles healthy? ›

In fact, they can be downright unhealthy. “These images are far from reality,” Maximets said. “In normal life, a love triangle causes suffering. While in a relationship, many people hide the third person, and when the truth comes out, it hurts everyone involved.”

Are love triangles common in real life? ›

Do love triangles happen in real life? IRL, love triangle situations do occur: whether you and your friend happen to fancy and pursue the same person (which some may say is an automatic "girl code" violation) or you're keeping your options open and dating two people but don't know who to pick.

How do love triangles typically end? ›

Love triangles are usually resolved in one of four main ways: The most common way is for two of the characters involved in the triangle to end up together, and the other one being eliminated through death, turning out to be unworthy of whoever they want, or stepping aside so that their beloved can be happy.

What is the triangle method kissing? ›

When you're ready to be kissed, show (don't tell) him. It's all about the eye contact. First, look into one of his eyes, then the other and finally, look at his lips and back to his eyes. (You're literally making a triangle shape, thus the apropos name.)

Why was Willow deleted whipped hair? ›

They got into a disagreement and Willow shaved her hair off in an act of defiance. The Smith family has addressed "Whip My Hair" and Willow's haircut a few times in the past. In 2018 during an interview with Haute Living, Will said that Willow "really tested him" following the success of the song.

Is the folklore cardigan knitted or crocheted? ›

The Folklore Cardigan is a knit cardigan pattern made with medium weight yarn that has a skill level of intermediate.

Was Willow adopted? ›

The Biden administration announced Friday that the first family has adopted a gray shorthair tabby cat named Willow. First lady Jill Biden was apparently the driver behind the adoption after Willow interrupted a speech she was giving at a Pennsylvania farm during President Biden's 2020 campaign.

Which Taylor Swift song is about a love triangle? ›

Taylor Swift's “Folklore” Love Triangle Explained.

Why is a love triangle called a love triangle? ›

Understanding Love Triangles

Imagine that a typical romantic relationship is a perfect line between two people, with love going back and forth on that single line. Using that logic, the term “love triangle” refers to a romantic situation involving more than two people.

Why are love triangles so popular? ›

First off, love triangles are engaging, they make the reader or viewer excited and agitated enough that they feel like they are inside of the story, alongside or even in the point of view of the protagonist themselves. People latch onto that thrilling feeling of being wanted not just by one love interest, but two.

Who did Taylor Swift write Folklore about? ›

The lyrics document American socialite Rebekah Harkness, whom Swift had been wanting to write about ever since she bought the Holiday House in 2013.

What is the Folklore song theory? ›

Essentially, it assumes that each of the songs is told from one of three characters' points of view: James, Betty, and the other person James has an affair with. Per this theory, the Betty in question is actually Rebekah Harkness, the woman who previously owned Swift's Rhode Island house and did, in fact, go by Betty.

In what order should I listen to Folklore? ›

If you're like us, you've been listening to Taylor Swift's latest album “Folklore” on repeat since it was released last week. And, like us, you've probably been hit in the feels.
Listen for yourself in this order:
  1. “August”
  2. “Mirrorball”
  3. “Betty”
  4. “Cardigan”
  5. “Illicit Affairs”
  6. “Exile”
  7. “The 1”
  8. “This Is Me Trying”
Aug 1, 2020

Who did Archie pick? ›

After 67 Years, Archie Chooses Veronica In the first of a six-issue series, the longest-running love triangle in comics history appears to come to an end: Archie Andrews proposes — not to Betty, the blond girl next door, but to Veronica, the dark-haired beauty and Riverdale's rich girl.

Who does Betty sleep with? ›

Betty And Jughead FINALLY Had Sex On "Riverdale" And Everyone Is Losing It. It's been a long ol' road for Bughead stans in the Riverdale fandom over the past twelve episodes of this season.

Is Betty attracted to Drake? ›

In this exclusive sneak peek at Riverdale's June 12 episode, Betty (Lili Reinhart) confides in Veronica (Camila Mendes) that Dr. Jillian Drake (Sophia Tatum), a new FBI agent in town who works with Betty, expressed feelings for her. "She professed her love for you?" Veronica asks.

Does Daniel sleep with Wilhelmina? ›

Amanda Tanen - Receptionist at MODE and the daughter of Fey Sommers; Wilhelmina would like to see her out of a job at the magazine because she slept with Daniel, even though Marc has taken steps to save Amanda's job. Amanda believes Wilhelmina may hold the key to learning the truth about Fey Sommers' personal past.

Why didn t Betty and Daniel end up together? ›

In the end, Betty chose ... nobody. Instead, she moved to London for a great new job opportunity, where she not so coincidentally ran into Daniel, who had recently relinquished the editorship of Mode to Wilhelmina.

Who does Betty Suarez end up with? ›

Daniel tells her that he might submit his résumé and watches Betty as she walks away, thus making it a romantic ending as it is implied they end up together.

Does Archie marry Betty? ›

But it all ends happily when he returns to Riverdale, marries a local doctor, and joins the Archie Marries Betty continuity.

Do Betty and Henry finally get together? ›

Despite mixed feelings from Ignacio and Daniel, both Betty and Henry decided to continue their romance for the next five months before Henry returned to Arizona, after he learned that the baby might be his after all. Betty has also attracted the interest of Giovanni "Gio" Rossi, a deli shop owner.

Do Betty and Henry get back together? ›

In the next episode, Betty's father discovers she has been sneaking into Henry's apartment in secret and after a family fight, she leaves, planning to move out. Henry tells Betty she can move in with him and the two start living together.

Why was Black Betty banned? ›

“Black Betty,” a rock song used to rally fans at University of New Hampshire hockey games for about a decade, is no more. Athletic Director Marty Scarano told the campus newspaper, The New Hampshire, the 1977 song by the band Ram Jam was banned because it is “theoretically racist.”

What is the meaning behind Black Betty? ›

In the 1934 book, American Ballads and Folk Songs, John A. and Alan Lomax write that “'Black Betty' … is the whip that was and is used in some Southern prisons.” There are several more references in early 20th century writings to the term referring to a whip.

What does Whoa Black Betty mean? ›

Some sources claim “Black Betty” could have been used as early as the beginning of the 19th century to describe a musket or a liquor bottle, and it is very plausible those could be meanings that would be applied to the Black Betty in the song.

What song did Harry wrote about Taylor? ›

"Perfect" The second single from One Direction's fifth and final studio album, Made in the A.M., "Perfect" was co-written by Harry and Louis Tomlinson and is widely believed to be about the pop star, with James Corden directly asking Harry about the song's inspiration in a 2015 interview.

What is Taylor Swift's favorite song that she wrote? ›

Taylor Swift Says This 'Midnights' Track Is One of Her 'Favorite Songs' She's Ever Written.

Did Taylor Swift wrote for Olivia? ›

It's no secret that Taylor Swift is a massive inspiration to Olivia Rodrigo, with the 'All Too Well' songstress receiving a writing credit on the critically-acclaimed 'SOUR' album. Olivia's debut record received a GRAMMY nomination for Album Of The Year, meaning that Miss Swift was also a nominee as a credited writer.

Is Evermore a breakup album? ›

“evermore” is absolutely a breakup album – nearly every emotion you can feel in a breakup is conveyed in this album. Swift covers the feeling of waiting for your lover to come back to you, feeling frozen in time and unable to move on in “right where you left me.” This is arguably one of Swift's best songs ever.

Why was Folklore so good? ›

Much of Swift's career has revolved around her telling the stories of her own life through her lyrics, which has garnered immense media attention. folklore, however, allowed her to imagine stories outside of her own space, conjuring up imagery and characters for tales that were separate from her own life.

Is Evermore based on Emily Dickinson? ›

In “evermore,” the lyrics are from Emily's point of view; the poet writes letters “addressed to the fire,” which refers to Dickinson's request for her writing to be burned upon her death.

What songs are apart of the Folklore love triangle? ›

And in usual Swift manner, 'folklore' leaves several Easter eggs for Swifties to decode. One of the most prominent being a teenage love triangle depicted throughout three of the album's songs: "Betty," "Cardigan," and "August."

What is the love triangle in Vampire Diaries? ›

The Vampire Diaries revolved around two major love triangles: The Salvatore Brothers and Katherine; The Salvatore Brothers and Elena.

Is True Blood a love triangle? ›

On True Blood, Moyer and Paquin are involved in a love triangle with Alexander Skarsgard's character. Preston says their real-life romance only makes their performances stronger. “I certainly think they are more comfortable with each other,” Preston says. “Especially in the more intimate scenes.”

Which Folklore songs are about Harry Styles? ›

While she made comments on certain songs that are supposedly about Harry, the lyrics are the dead giveaway.
  • “I Knew You Were Trouble” by Taylor Swift.
  • “Style” by Taylor Swift.
  • “Wonderland” by Taylor Swift.
  • “Out of the Woods” by Taylor Swift.
  • “I Know Places” by Taylor Swift.
  • “Welcome to New York” by Taylor Swift.
Feb 23, 2022

Why is Noah obsessed with Elena? ›

Noah was a vampire who became obsessed with Elena, due to her being physically identical to Katherine Pierce. He unsuccessfully attacked Elena on several occasions.

Why is blood sharing bed in Vampire Diaries? ›

While blood sharing starts and stops with Elena and Damon on the series, it features more prevalently in the books (and fan fiction), serving as a substitute for sex but providing an equal amount of pleasure. Plec also admitted that the scene was a nod to L.J. Smith's novels and vampire folklore in general.

Why do twins have to merge in Vampire Diaries? ›

Due to the twins being the first in line for the leadership of the coven, they are required to perform the Merge, through which their consciousness and strength would be merged together. The stronger twin survives the spell and is empowered by their magic as well as the magic of their twin.

Is a love triangle good or bad? ›

A love triangle, like any romance plot, should be used to strengthen a relationship. So unless there's some deep personal understanding going on, a love triangle, for all intents and purposes, is useless. But that's not to say there aren't some shows that do love triangles the right way.

Is there a love triangle in black? ›

The supernatural/fantasy show Black is a peculiar type of love triangle.


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